Young Bay Area Harpists Make The Ancient Redwoods Speak!

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We are excited to help produce the ‘musical activism’ of the Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble! This San Francisco Bay Area video production is said to be the first of it’s kind, bringing an entire ensemble of harpists to the redwoods. Last summer, a group of 16 young girls raised money through a Kickstart Campaign to bring their entire ensemble to the the Avenue of the Giants in Mendocino and let the trees speak through their music! The Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble (BAYHE) proudly releases the first of three videos to “Deepen the connection between music-lovers and conservationists,” according to the group’s director, Diana Stork.

Creating 3 music videos in 3 days, we worked tirelessly to make sure that these videos stand as a testament of the beauty of both the music and the forest in which they played. Through the performances, these gifted girls give a voice to the voiceless, speaking where the trees cannot, in a language without words.

Diana Stork and BAYHE worked in tandem with the Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Center to help promote a series of concerts as well as the videos, as both the girls and Triple Spiral crew worked tirelessly during the 3 days to capture amazingly beautiful content.

What could be more satisfying and peaceful than harps in the woods? Making sure that we conserve them for future generations! Congratulations to BAYHE, and to the conservation of the redwoods and old growth forests! Now more than ever, we need to heed their message. Enjoy, and please SHARE these with your friends and family!

Please watch and help us share with friends!

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