Kickstarter Film “Life and the Lady” Aims to Redefine Death.

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After a period away from narrative filmmaking, we are proud to be launching this fundraiser for our new narrative short, “Life and the Lady.”


    ‘Death is a Myth’ According to Kickstarter Filmmaker

Independent Film ‘Life and the Lady’ Aims to Change Public Perception
of Death while Dealing with Tragic Loss of Crewmember.   

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The Beginning of the End – Adobe Kills Flash for Mobile Devices

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In our ongoing quest to keep you informed, we wanted to let you know about the first in what is sure to be a series of steps that lead to the death of Flash. Why is this important to you? FLASH video and websites are still quite popular, but ever since Steve Jobs and Apple refused to integrate Flash into their mobile devices, Flash’s days were numbered.

That fancy moving website with amazing ...

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Triple Spiral is now UNDERWATER!

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…No, not in the way a homeowner might be on a mortgage, rather, we have the capability of bringing underwater dreams to life!

Director of Photography, Michelantony Dunston, spent the greater part of the spring becoming NAUI certified for Scuba Diving, and then applied his knowledge to provide his clients (Jamie DeWolf and Forrest Day) with some spectacular underwater footage.

Shot in the SF Bay Area’s largest underwater Studio (Studio Sea at Fathom Films,) this scene depicts a singer in a business ...

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Online Video Statistics YOU should know about

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We like to be a resource for those that are interested in online video, so we wanted to take a moment to provide you, the internet surfer, with some online video statistics for 2011.

  • 82% of internet users view videos online – in the US
  • 182 = The number of online videos the average internet user watches per month
  • 924 million videos viewed per month on Hulu
  • Youtube serves 1 billion videos per day
  • 12.2 Billion video are viewed on Youtube per month

 Audiences now ...

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D.I.Y. Video Promotions; How Successful Do You Want To Be with Your Video?

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These days, it’s tempting to grab a friend or relative and say “Hey! Do you mind holding this camera for me while I say a few words and/or demonstrate something? It’s equally tempting to hire some person that does wedding videos part-time because it might be “cheap” and easy.

  • How do you want the world to see you?  Professional or cheap?

Well, we are here to say that you may want to reconsider the D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself) “on the cheap” approach. ...

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So How Do I Make My Promotional Video A Success?

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Ah, the age old question, the golden chalice, the treasure at the bottom of….well, you get the point. We have been bringing in Telly Awards for the past few years for finding unique ways of presenting you, the subject, in interesting ways.

#1 – If you entertain them, they will come!  Make your subject matter seem like a documentary, a funny episode, a music video, a fun invitation to a fun time!

#2 – Get shorty! No not the movie, the video. ...

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2010 Telly Award Winner, Sirenharp Music video

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We’re proud of this video, which has seen thousands of hits to date on Youtube, and has received a 2010 SILVER Telly award mid-last year (the top award given!) Check it out! Soon to come: production tips and info for fellow video enthusiasts. Thank you for your support!

Triple Spiral Productions presents: Sirenharp from Triple Spiral Productions on Vimeo.

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