Video Created by Triple Spiral Productions Nets $89,000 for Hydrogen-1 Men’s Shoes

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Congratulations to Hero Nakatani and Hydrogen-1 Crossover Men’s Sneakers for bringing in a whopping $89,000 for their fundraising campaign! We were proud to be a part of creating the video for this emerging successful business. We consulted Hero on his video approach and aesthetic to, and worked closely with him to make sure that his needs were addressed. We also shot many of the stills on the website. Have a look at the shoes, and enjoy the ...

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Kickstarter Film “Life and the Lady” Aims to Redefine Death.

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After a period away from narrative filmmaking, we are proud to be launching this fundraiser for our new narrative short, “Life and the Lady.”


    ‘Death is a Myth’ According to Kickstarter Filmmaker

Independent Film ‘Life and the Lady’ Aims to Change Public Perception
of Death while Dealing with Tragic Loss of Crewmember.   

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3 Ways That Video Will Be Evolving in the Future

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If you had a crystal ball into the future of business trends , would you use it? It’s not necessary, we have got the scoop on the latest technology and trends that will be affecting how people will be using video and video production well beyond Silicon Valley and the San Francisco bay area.

Over the past 6 months, we have attended trade shows, conferences, and meetings that have discussed the course and direction of the evolving process of digital media. ...

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