3 Ways That Video Will Be Evolving in the Future

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If you had a crystal ball into the future of business trends , would you use it? It’s not necessary, we have got the scoop on the latest technology and trends that will be affecting how people will be using video and video production well beyond Silicon Valley and the San Francisco bay area.

Over the past 6 months, we have attended trade shows, conferences, and meetings that have discussed the course and direction of the evolving process of digital media. We’re all too happy to share some facts, trends, and even a couple of predictions. Please permit us to wax “new age,” to extend the metaphor of the crystal ball.

Media storage is headed towards the cloud. Not clouds, The Cloud. If you are not familiar with what the Cloud is, it’s time for Cloud 101 in a nutshell: Data, storage, and resources live someplace OTHER than your computer, and you access them as you would a photo at facebook, or a video on Youtube. Plain and simple – it doesn’t live locally, but centrally.

2. CAMERAS – An OUT OF BODY experience!
It seems more and more that cameras are becoming chip-based digital devices as opposed to being comprised of an actual “body.” If anything has taught us about chip-based digital reproduction it is both the success of the iPhone and the Canon 5D Mark II. Be prepared for a device that look like an iphone connected to standard-sized lenses. It will look odd, but image quality will be determined by a pixel-lense ratio. In short, quality will be highly dependent on ‘the glass’ , as the professionals put it.

Currently, when you upload a video, the search engine ‘crawlers’ have no way to identify what the content of that video is. Descriptions entered by the user can be unreliable and misleading. With the advent of speech and facial recognition technology, videos will be able to be searched by the words that are spoken in the video, as well as the faces that are in it. Scary? About 95% of searches entail those of public figures, so unless you are a politician or celebrity, you might be safe for now. Facebook and iPhoto already use some of this technology, and it is just a matter of time before Google finds a way to make videos searchable by its content.

So, based on practical field experience, research, and a little insight, we’ll predict a couple of changes of our own. These are based on current trends, demand, and business insights.

  • VIDEO EMAILS: Texting  and emailing will be dwarfed by video emails. While the written word won’t completely vanish, it will be dwarfed by the “easy, quick, efficient” way – video. The proof is in the pudding with video conferencing, Skype,  and the ability of cell phones (currently, a functioning feature.) Video emails are here with cell phones, and likely to invade a computer near you!
  • INTERACTIVITY:  One will be able to place a cursor across any part of the screen and view history, documentary video, facts, or anything else they might want to know. Imagine stopping the film ‘Braveheart’ with a voice command and finding out what actually happened in Scotland in the 13th century. You might want to stop ‘the fiction’ and find out ‘the fact,’ and doing so will be as easy as saying ‘the truth.’  This has already begun to happen online, and one can only surmise how long broadcast TV has left (RIP, TV?)

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